Black Swarm (2007)

Black Swarm (2007)

Robert Englund plays a scientist who is hired by the government to create some wasps who they are going to use to kill terrorists. The only problem is that they have no way of controlling the wasps plus whoever they kill then turn into zombies. A new deputy in this small town doesn't think this is such a good idea so she plans to destroy the wasps no matter what it takes. This Canadian production is yet another entry in the unstoppable "nature runs amuck" series... (Michael_Elliott IMDB)

I Passed for White (1960)

I Passed for White (1960)

A young woman of mixed African and European ancestry ends up passing as white. After she marries into a rich family, without telling her husband that she considers herself to be black, her secret becomes harder to hide. ~Alzur

Grandma passing along wisdom

They liked this shot for posters.

Bernice Lee / Lila Brownell (Sonya Wilde) meets her brother.

The Big Operator (1959)

The Big Operator (1959)
Anatomy of the Syndicate

Bill Gibson is Little Joe's nemesis and is one of the men who can testify that he saw the labor boss in an incriminating conversation with a known criminal - something that Little Joe denied under oath. Knowing that Cochran and one other witness can bring him down, the crooked labor boss starts on a campaign of terror. (IMDB)

Mickey Rooney and Jackie Coogan

Mel Tormé and Steve Cochran

Leo Gordon

Ray Danton

Mamie Van Doren

Dennis the Menace Jay North on right

Vido Musso

Mamie Van Doren and her fridge

Mamie Van Doren and Ziva Rodann

Mickey Rooney and Billy Daniels

Jim Backus

Lawrence Dobkin