The Vagrant (1992)

The Vagrant (1992)
Scream 911
Scary - Horrortrip in den Wahnsinn

Graham Krackowski buys a new home that is often invaded by a 
murderous vagrant who may or may not exist, but people are dying.  ~Alzur

The Horror Show (1989)

The Horror Show (1989)
House III
Horror House
Sobrecarga de terror

A vengeful, wisecracking, supernatural killer; a heroic cop with a pretty teenage daughter in peril; several hallucinatory dream sequences; a showdown that takes place in a steamy boiler room; and a finale in which the killer is dragged back into reality before finally being destroyed.... (IMDB  BA_Harrison)

Chamber of Horrors (1966)

A one-handed madman (he lost the hand while escaping a hanging) uses 
various detachable devices as murder weapons to gain revenge on those he 
believes have wronged him. (IMDB)

Wayne Rogers (C)

Annazette Chase

Tony Curtis

Marie Windsor and Inger Stratton

Jack Shea and Laura Devon 

Ayllene Gibbons

Patrice Wymore

Suzy Parker